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Kenichiro Akiyama

Kenichiro Akiyama

Representative Director, Minori Management Institute Co., Ltd.

After graduating from university, he experienced plant exports at a trading company, promoted business planning and overseas transfer plans for factories at an automobile company, and continued to think about how personnel affairs should be in managing business.
During that time, he realized the basic problems of personnel management based on Japanese "people" (age, gender, ability, emotion, etc.), and came up with the "Minori Concept."

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  • hot topic corner
    - Slash from Minori's unique perspective! Hot Topics in Management and Human Resources-

  • Creating an organization that supports the realization of ideas 

  • company managerWhat does diversity management mean for

  • Management and personnel advice for small and medium-sized business owners

  • ​Monthly HR management article (magazine article)


Eiko Saito

Eiko Saito

Director of Minori Management Institute Co., Ltd.

Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University.
After studying at Moscow University and the University of CaliforniaHay Consulting Group (now Korn Ferry)Entered the company. Director of Research, Senior Consultant and Executive Compensation Practice Leader. For nearly 20 years, he has assisted many Japanese and foreign companies in designing and implementing evaluation compensation policies and systems based on duties and roles.
Major co-authored books include “Director Revolution” (Diamond Publishing), “Manual for Introduction of Performance-Based Wages by Incentive System” (Japan Management Association Management Center), “Evaluation and New Wage System Formulation Manual” (Japan Management Association Management Center), etc. .

​writing column

  • hot topic corner
    - Slash from Minori's unique perspective! Hot Topics in Management and Human Resources-

  • Personnel system changes with the world, changes with people
    The Personnel System Necessary for Japan in the Future-

  • The personnel system changes with the world, with people: Sequel
    -Mechanism for determining the total personnel cost in the personnel system necessary for Japan in the future-

 Daviod Creelman ​デイビッド・クリルマン

David Creelman

​David Creelman

CEO of Creelman Research
Living in Canada
He is best known for his workshops on People Analytics, Evidence-based Management and Future of Work.
To contact Mr. Creelman, please contact Minori Management Research Institute, LinkedIn, or email

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  • David Creelman from Canada

 ~Secrets of Human-Capital Management~

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