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MINORI concept

Since its founding in 2004, Minori Management Research Institute (MINORI) has consistently provided management support so that diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities anywhere in the world and work energetically. We have named the concept that forms the core of this concept the "MINORI Concept," and propose a logical and easy-to-understand personnel system based on roles.

Our Concept
MINORI Concept (1) Integrated HR System

The Minori concept is our human resources management concept which supports companies’ mission/vision/strategies and helps a company achieve their corporate/business strategies.

The Minori concept includes:

We believe that HR management should be evaluated by its contribution to the company performance not only from a short-term perspective, but also from a long-term perspective.

1. HR strategy in accordance with the corporate strategy and supporting business strategy
2. HRM system based on the job (organizational role) of each employee
3. Performance management system based on the annual business plan
4. Career management based on the long-term HR development policy
5. Salary management system based on job size and performance of each employee
6. Well-balanced HR practices based on our Total Reward concept -refer to MINORI Concept (2) 

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MINORI Concept (2)
Total Reward

In the MINORI Concept,we view the concept of compensation broadly as an overall measure for employees as follows.
Based on roles, we believe it is important to view compensation as a broad concept of total rewards and to build a system that always takes into consideration the overall consistency of the system.

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